Fuel Reduction -- I will support local groups such as the Fire Safe Council and Resource Conservation District, which are seeking to organize landowners to work together to reduce hazardous fuels on their properties.  I intend to assure that Cal Fire spends the money they collect from each of us (the structure tax) on fire prevention, education and fuel reduction aid to homeowners – not more suppression. 

I am working with a local citizens group, Sierra Nevada Conservancy, the County and the the Statewide Wood Energy Team to bring a biomass processing facility to Mariposa County so that we can derive economic value from the biomass generated in fuel reduction projects.  Such a facility will not only provide jobs, but will help finance our much needed fuel reduction efforts.

I intend to work with our state assemblyman and our state senator to design the kinds of financial incentives that will convince homeowners that their best interests are served by exercising some land stewardship.  Yes, this will cost money, but suppressing the Rim Fire cost over one hundred million dollars.  I would rather spend some of that money on prevention and preserve the viewscapes that we all love and depend on for much of our economy.