Letters to the Editor

The following Letters to the Editor have been published in support of Rosemarie.

Lowell Young in the Mariposa Gazette and Sierra Sun Times

"If you want a supervisor who is smart, who listens, who is good at working with others, who is fact-based, and who cares about Mariposa, vote for Rosemarie Smallcombe for District 1 Board of Supervisors."

Lucille Apcar in the Mariposa Gazette and Sierra Sun Times

"Over the past few years I have attended Rosemarie's presentations with growing respect for her capability to ascertain the needs of the community she serves, her keen ability to discern, to seek and to heed the voices of the constituents. Add to this the extraordinary energy she devotes no matter how daunting the task at hand."

Charles Lammers in the Sierra Sun Times and Mariposa Gazette

"We are fortunate to have someone with Rosemarie's qualifications willing to serve on the Board of Supervisors. She is well educated and has the professional background to make sound decisions."

Lisa Edelheit in the Sierra Sun Times and Mariposa Gazette

"Rosemarie has the education, business experience, passion and knowledge to help guide Mariposa's economic future while protecting the rural character so many of us cherish."

Joseph Winkler in the Mariposa Gazette:

"Her intelligence and her clearly-defined approach left me convinced. For a positive change, I say vote for Rosemarie Smallcombe."

Ruth Sellers in the Mariposa Gazette:

"I had the privilege of listening to the candidates for District 1 as well and was very impressed with Rosemarie Smallcombe's vision for Mariposa County. I strongly support both Ronika Johnson and Rosemarie Smallcombe as the most qualified individuals to fill the BOS seats for both District 1 and District 3."

Cameron Burley in the Sierra Sun Times and Mariposa Gazette

"Once you see Rosemarie Smallcombe work as District 1 Supervisor, you will be glad that you voted for her. Her work as supervisor will be good for our county."

Jim Landis in the Sierra Sun Times

"She has great credentials, great experience, and she is totally focused on making Mariposa County everything you want it to be."

Shirley Schmelzer in the Sierra Sun Times and Mariposa Gazette

"If Rosemarie hears of a problem she seems to feel a responsibility to find a solution. I happen to have been on the executive boards of two organizations for several years with Rosemarie so I know that she does the necessary research to the find answers, whether it takes her to local, state or federal entities. When she commits to a task she follows through with dedication and integrity."

Carmel Lozano in the Sierra Sun Times and Mariposa Gazette

"I'd like to take a moment to remind my fellow voters in Mariposa that I believe a vote for Rosemarie Smallcombe this June 3rd is a very logical, common sense vote. Rosemarie has both the educational and working background to make decis ions that will benefit our community."

Beth Pratt in the Mariposa Gazette and Sierra Sun Times

"I know Rosemarie to be a person of integrity, dedicated to her work, and someone who brings an impressive professional background to the role that will benefit our region in her role of supervisor. I trust her excellent judgment and I know she is the best candidate to help Midpines prosper without sacrificing the rural character we all greatly value. Please join me in supporting and voting for Rosemarie Smallcombe."

Len McKenzie in the Mariposa Gazette and Sierra Sun Times

"It's evident to anyone who knows Rosemarie that she loves Mariposa County and values its rural character and its people. Visit her website, www.RosemarieSmallcombe.com, and you'll read that she is committed to community service, building relationships and helping small business in developing the county's economy while protecting its natural resources and agricultural heritage. She strongly supports continued protection of the Wild and Scenic Merced River and worked closely, and cordially, with the National Park Service in producing a legally and environmentally viable Merced River Plan that the Park Service recently approved." Quote from Sierra Sun Times Letter

Anne Brock in the Mariposa Gazette

"Whatever the project was—from working with Troy Foster and many community groups to make sure the Labor Day parade happened the year it was in danger, to working with the hospital board and volunteers on reversing the MediCal cuts, to working on the Democratic Club's fair booth and float—Rosemarie was there, participating, getting diverse groups of people to work together, doing what needed to be done and making sure the job got done."

John Schroeder in the Sierra Sun Times and Mariposa Gazette

"I am pleased to endorse Rosemarie Smallcombe's candidacy for Supervisor, District 1. Over the past few weeks, I have read the many letters supporting Rosemarie, and together they paint a picture of an intelligent, caring, experienced person. My personal interactions with her bear this out. In addition, they reveal a person who will listen to the concerns of her constituents, gather data from other sources, and formulate a reasoned position on whatever issue is at hand."

Ruth Catalan in the Sierra Sun Times and Mariposa Gazette

"I would like to endorse the two "R's" for the position of Supervisor in Districts One and Three.

Rosemarie Smallcombe in District One and Ronika Johnson in District Three.

These women have the integrity and independence needed in this county.

They have no ties or allegiance to anyone. They want to serve the citizens of this county and make Mariposa County a better place to live in for all."

John Brady in the Mariposa Gazette

"I have known her for four years and worked closely with her on the Mariposans for the Environment and Responsible Government board of directors for which she volunteered. She comes from an extensive business background where she worked very successfully in a number of high-level positions that required responsible action, a keen intellect, initiative and the ability to get results. She will bring those same qualities to the Mariposa board."

I know Smallcombe to be a lady of absolute integrity who takes public service very seriously. She recognizes that Mariposa needs economic development but also is aware that the environment is a very vital component of our economy."

Lou Becerra in the Sierra Sun Times and Mariposa Gazette

"She's a good listener and has a keen intellect and integrity. She is also energetic, resourceful and hard working. We drove on nearly impassable high steep washboard roads to find some house numbers. Once there, her focus was on the resident and any questions they asked. I was impressed with her ability to adapt and communicate in an open friendly manner."

Anne Brock in the Sierra Sun Times responding to an endorsement by Dr. Michael Martin for his wife, Karen Smith

"And yes, I am supporting Rosemarie Smallcombe (to give full disclosure). But I would stack her environmental credentials up against Karen's any day. And I fully believe that if Rosemarie's husband wrote a letter endorsing her, he would admit to being her spouse."

Holly Warner in the Sierra Sun Times and Mariposa Gazette

"Her previous work experience and her own intellect have trained her to evaluate conflicting data and positions, assess alternatives and develop her own conclusions. She is excellent at raising insightful questions, voicing her ideas and making her point in a reasoned way.

While some describe her as "a breath of fresh air for this County," she also has an excellent sense of what's possible here and what should be protected. She has been a consistent supporter of the Williamson Act and opposed the recently proposed moratorium. Rosemarie understands that development needs to come to this County in a way that does not compromise our greatest assets: our environment and our rural character."

Lucile Apcar in the Sierra Sun Times

"I write to endorse Rosemarie Smallcombe to serve our county as representative for District I. In this time of drought and resulting shortages, more than ever before we need people who can show us the way. Rosemarie and her husband Steve are proven leaders in the fields of energy saving methods reducing our use of scarce resources."

John Brady, MERG Chairman, in the Mariposa Gazette in response to a Letter from Ron Iudice:

"It is a shame that Mr. Iudice would write a letter to the editor about Rosemarie Smallcombe without having met her or spoken with her ("Smith is qualified candidate," May 1). She has considerable experience in international business and knows about the interface between government and private industry."

Caroline Wenger Korn in the Mariposa Gazette

"Rosemarie Smallcombe will help Mariposa County gain what we all want—an economy where our children can live here and achieve their dreams, a safe environment preserved for our enjoyment and that of the millions of visitors who also contribute to our economy."

Picking a quote from Caroline's letter was difficult as she has obviously researched my background thoroughly and has documented how my experience can contribute to my service to Mariposa County.

Carol Williams in the Sierra Sun Times and Mariposa Gazette

"Rosemarie Smallcombe lives in a heavily forested region, and she is aware of the special needs of the folks in areas such as this. Having been involved with Rosemarie on various issues, I have found her to be knowledgeable, hard working, dedicated, honest and intelligent."

Sally Punte, Retired Mariposa District 2 Supervisor, in the Sierra Sun Times and Mariposa Gazette

"Rosemarie Smallcombe is a dedicated, focused, multi-talented woman who will be not just an asset for District One, but also for Mariposa County. We are so fortunate to have Rosemarie willing to work for us, all of us!

I have watched Rosemarie, for some years by this time, working, researching, bringing folks together for a common goal. She will be a great addition to our current Board of Supervisors. A vote for Rosemarie Smallcombe will help each of us in a variety of ways."

Heather Bernikoff and David Raboy in the Mariposa Gazette

"Rosemarie not only has an impressive work history, but has a track record of solving local problems. One of the finest examples is her work helping to reverse the devastating Medi-Cal cuts that, as I have heard local officials say, would have most certainly closed the Ewing Wing at John C. Fremont—if not the entire hospital. Rosemarie partnered with local officials of the John C. Fremont Hospital District to learn more and leveraged her volunteer position with the Democratic party to meet personally with Darrell Steinberg, the California Senate Leader Pro Tem. In the end, through the work of many people, including Rosemarie, those cuts were reversed. This is an example of how Rosemarie has the capacity, knowhow and resolve to work at the highest levels of government to benefit our county."

Christina Oborn in the Sierra Sun Times

"I fully believe Rosemarie Smallcombe is the best choice for District 1 Supervisor. I have personally observed her working within the local and state political systems to make positive changes beneficial to our community. As an example, in 2012 Rosemarie became aware that many California hospitals, including the John C. Fremont Hospital, faced large cuts in MediCal, along with retroactive repayment of funds totaling around $1 million. The funding cut and added debt would have had drastic repercussions for the hospital in general and especially for the Ewing Wing, its long term care facility.

Well, Rosemarie got to work to stop the cuts. She was successful in getting an official resolution passed by the Democratic Party Resolution's Committee at the state Democratic Party Convention in 2012. (Only 14 resolutions of 85 submitted passed.) And then she did more--she went to Sacramento to speak with elected officials of both parties and met with representatives from hospital associations and others in the health care field who were also advocating for restoration of the MediCal funding. In summer, 2013, the California Assembly passed legislation, 75 to 0, to end the cuts."

Read more about Rosemarie's work to save the Hospital District here.

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