PG&E Presentation on Vegetation Management

In response to considerable discussion within the community on PG&E policies on vegetation management, I invited PG&E to make a presentation to the Board of Supervisors that would inform us about their policies in this area. PG&E made their presentation at the May 24th Board meeting and their presentation will be included in the Clerk’s official Board packet for that meeting.

In the meantime, the PG&E presentation is available here as a web slideshow, or it be downloaded here as a pdf document. Audio of PG&E's presentation is available on the county website here.     Scroll down and click on the audio for the May 24th meeting, then in the agenda below the recording, click on the first regular agenda item, the PG&E presentation, to go directly to the start of the audio for that item including the Q&A that followed.

PG&E reps also provided some contact information. First, please be aware that you can call 1-800-743-5000 and ask for an ‘enterprise alert’ so they contact you before doing work on your property. PG&E also provided an email -- treesafety@pge.com -- and 800-564-5080 as the best and quickest way to get customer issues looked into and addressed. 

PG&E also provided the above document, and a more detailed version available here as a pdf, about keeping trees away from powerlines, which provides an overview of their process for doing tree work and also includes another phone number and email address. I’ve asked for clarification on how those contacts differ from the ones above.