Rosemarie in the Press

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In 2010, when Mariposa's Office of Emergency Services called for input from local communities for the County's Hazard Mitigation Plan, I pulled together a group of concerned Jerseydale citizens to respond. Rosemarie's role is acknowledged here:

In 2011, Rosemarie began her fight to prevent passage of legislation that would overturn Wild and Scenic Rivers Act protections on the lower Merced River. The MERG website has the most extensive analysis of the proposed spillway modification project that would had de-designated a segment of the Wild and Scenic Merced River. Rosemarie wrote and sponsored a Resolution that the California Democratic Party adopted in opposition to any de-designateion of a segment of a Wild and Scenic River.

In 2012, when the Lion's Club advised that they intended to cancel the Labor Day parade because they didn't have enough volunteers, Rosemarie teamed with Troy Foster to recruit enough people so the parade could proceed. Rosemarie's Role was acknowledged here and here in articles on the parade.

Rosemarie went to rallies in Fresno in support of Proposition 30, against Proposition 32 as well as walking precincts and knocking on doors. Catch her at 1:16 in this ABC 30 video taken at a Rally in Fresno with Governor Brown in support of Proposition 30.

In 2013, Rosemarie led the effort to convince the California Democratic Party to approve a Resolution opposing budget cuts to Distinct Part Skilled Nursing Facilities and recoupment of "overpayments." This resolution was used by industry associations to convince legislators to overturn the budget cuts. Had these cuts been implemented, the Ewing Wing of John C. Fremont Hospital, and the Hospital itself, would almost certainly have closed. She is quoted in an article here and her role recognized here.

Rosemarie has served as co-chair of the Master Gardeners Mariposa garden tour in 2012 and 2013 as is reported here.