Williamson Act – Agriculture is a critical component of our economy.  We need to continue to support the Williamson Act, including approval of new contracts.  Maintaining existing contracts is key as many of our farmers and ranchers are only able to make a profit if such relief is available.  And these farmers and ranchers contribute to our economy because they tend to purchase more locally produced goods and services.  It is these broad expanses of open space that attract many tourists to Mariposa and keeps some of them here to live and work.  Agriculture defines the county’s character and protecting all of our rangeland can only help to preserve our watersheds and our way of life.  I will work with all relevant organizations to restore the subvention payments from the State that will reimburse the County for any loss of property tax payments that results from properties that are under Williamson Act contract. Rosemarie strongly opposes any moratorium on putting new Williamson Act Properties under protection from development.